Kia Race Series 2018 Terms & Conditions

The Kia Race Series is organised by Pop Up Races.

By submitting an entry to the Race Series, you are agreeing to comply with the following terms and conditions, and you certify the information you are providing is complete and correct:

1. You acknowledge that Kia Motors Ireland and Pop Up Races do not assume responsibility for your health, safety, security or support before during or after any of the listed races;

2. You are acknowledging that the Race Series is a serious athletic endeavour and that you will have trained adequately to allow you complete it safely and that you will not start any of the races against medical advice.

3. You will not compete in a manner which, in the judgment of the race officials, stewards or members of An Gárda Siochána interferes with race operations, other participants, or the integrity of the competition.

4. You will not reproduce or alter your official race number.

5. You will adhere to the rules of each race director.

6. You hereby release Kia Motors Ireland and Pop Up Races from any and all liability arising from any loss, damage or injury (including fatal injury) suffered by you before during or after a race series event. You hereby waive any and all rights and claims for damages or compensation from Kia Motors Ireland and Pop Up Races (including its employees, agents, officers, governors, sponsors and volunteers, and their representatives, successors and assigns) arising from any loss, injury (including fatal injury) suffered by you before during or after the Race Series.

7. You accept and acknowledge that if the Race series is postponed, altered, shortened, lengthened or cancelled that Kia Motors Ireland and Pop Up Races have no obligation to you for any costs and expenses that you may incur pertaining to your planned participation, whether for travel, lodging, meals or any otherwise. You accept and acknowledge there are no exceptions to this policy and that you will not ask for an exception to be made.

8. You hereby grant full permission to Kia Motors Ireland and Pop Up Races or any of its service providers to use photographs, films or recordings of the Race Series for any legitimate purpose without recourse to you and you hereby release any right you may have to your image while taking part in the Race Series or at the start line or finish area.

9. You understand and acknowledge that these T&C’s include any claims, whether caused by negligence, omission, the action or inaction of Kia Motors Ireland and Pop Up Races or any of its service providers or otherwise.

10. You acknowledge that you have been afforded the opportunity to take legal advice before entering the Race Series and if you chose not to that you will not later seek to rely on the fact that you did not understand this declaration and waiver.

11. You agree that any legal claim or dispute arising out of or in any way relating to your participation in this event will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Ireland and will be adjudicated exclusively by and in the Courts of the Republic of Ireland.

12. The winning male and female athlete of the race series must hold a full valid Irish driving licence in order to receive the loan car from Kia Motors Ireland for a period of 12 months.

13. The winning male and female athlete must be able to provide 12 months fully comprehensive insurance to cover the full value of a Kia Stonic before receiving the loan of the car from Kia Motors Ireland for a period of 12 months.

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